University Recognition Requirements


Students entering in September 2005 and later will have no preset maximums on the number of allowable credit  hours of University credits for IB work. A minimum grade of four on IB HL and IB SL exams is required to receive the credit. Accepting credit is voluntary and students may elect to decline the credit.


Recognition of IB Courses by Department

The number in brackets following the course code indicates the credit hours granted (either 3 or 6)

IB HL Subjects



Computer Science



Fine Arts: Visual Arts

French (A2/B)




University Credit and Hours Granted

Biology 1 & 2 BIOL 1020 (3) & 1030 (3)

Structure & Modelling in Chemistry CHEM 1300 (3) & Introduction to Physical Chemistry CHEM 1310 (3)

Introductory Computer Science COMP 1010 (3) & COMP 1020 (3)

Principles of Economics ECON 1200 (6)

Representative Literary Works ENGL 1200 (6)

Transfer at 1000 level: STDO 1XXX (6)

FREN 1200 (6)

Transfer at 1000 level: HIST 1XXX (6) in General or Modern World History areas

General Physics I PHYS 1020 (3) & General Physics II PH 1030(3)


IB SL Subjects


French (A2/B)


University Credit and Hours Granted

Structure & Modeling in Chemistry CHEM 1300 (3)

French 1 FREN 1200 (6)

Transfer at 1000 level: MATH 1XXX (3)

Click to download the U of M’s IB policy statement (PDF) and a complete listing of courses eligible for transfer credit.

Grade Equivalencies

Students entering the U of M for September 2005 and later will be assigned grades on their U of M records for their I.B. results. (Prior to 2005, no grades were assigned.) Grades will be assigned on the following scale:

I.B. result





U of M grade awarded






University of Manitoba International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarships

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

Tier IV

Tier V

Tier VI

Tier VII

43 - 44 point diploma

40 - 42 point diploma

37 - 39 point diploma

34 - 36 point diploma

31 - 33 point diploma

28 - 30 point diploma

25 - 27 point diploma








Scholarship Enhancement

Students may receive an additional sum of money added to their entrance scholarship for each superior I.B. result. These entrance scholarship winners may have their offers enhanced by:

$250 for each I.B. result of seven on HL papers

$200 for IB results of six on HL papers and seven on SL papers

$150 for each I.B. result of five on HL papers.

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